Clarification re: temporary hold on Category 3 on-site clinical research

January 12, 2022

Dear Clinical Research Community,

I am writing to make sure that everyone understands the application of the temporary hold on Category 3 on-site clinical research visits (see policy here). Please note that this hold applies only to participants coming onto UCSF’s campuses solely for research purposes and whose research visit does not involve care of any kind deemed essential to the health and well-being of the participant. Thus, research conducted on participants already at UCSF for clinical purposes (e.g., ambulatory visit, procedure, inpatient stay) is still allowed.

I hope this helps clarify further the distinctions we are making, recognizing that we are trying to do our best to ensure the safety of the UCSF community and all the people we serve. Please continue to direct questions and comments to [email protected].


Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Dr. Robert B. and Mrs. Ellinor Aird Professor of Neurology