Interim UCSF Policy on Human Subjects-Related Research Visits at San Francisco Campuses during COVID-19 Outbreak, Update #2

March 10, 2020

Dear UCSF Human Subject Research Community,

I am writing to build on my communication from yesterday to inform you of a new interim UCSF Policy on Human Subject Research Visits During COVID-19 Outbreak. The attached policy document provides guidance to UCSF's research community on decision making around conducting research visits [revised, 3/16/20]. This is being implemented to protect research participants, researchers, and the larger UCSF community from risk of infection with COVID-19 as well as to ensure ongoing access to research, which may provide essential support and care to participants. It will be updated weekly and as indicated as more information becomes available.

We will be distributing this policy via other UCSF listservs to ensure all research faculty and staff are notified; therefore, you may receive duplicate emails from other leadership. This policy will also be integrated into UCSF's COVID-19 informational microsite.

Please send questions and comments on this policy to [email protected]
Please send questions and comments about coronavirus to [email protected].


Lindsey A. Criswell, MD, MPH, DSc
Vice Chancellor of Research
Jean S. Engleman Distinguished Professor of Rheumatology
Professor and Chief, Rheumatology