Office of Research Updates

August 19, 2020

The Office of Research provides the following updates:

The purpose of this interim document is to provide guidance on the partial resumption of UCSF Category 2 and 3 research (i.e., non-COVID-19 related research) conducted “offsite,” which includes research (clinical research, clinical trials, social and behavioral research, community research, among other research types) conducted in homes, offices, parks, prisons, congregate living facilities, community centers, and other non-health care facility community settings. Some research protocols affected by this guidance are designed specifically to be conducted in the community, while other research protocols traditionally conducted onsite are also being moved off-site as an approach to reducing risk of COVID-19 exposures for both staff and research participants.

Both have been revised to include the following requirement, “All in-person research visits should be conducted by research personnel wearing a face mask per institutional policy and eye protection (e.g., eye shields, face shields, or safety glasses) according to UCSF Health PPE policy.”

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