Campuswide Inventory of -80 Ultra-low Temperature Freezers to Protect UCSF Research
Posted: September 2018

It is estimated that UCSF stores more than $1 billion in research materials in -80°C Ultra-low Temperature (ULT) freezers (based on the number of units, value of contents and labor to replace those). If a natural disaster strikes that results in a prolonged power outage, these valuable materials – some irreplaceable – are at risk.

In preparation for such an event, it is crucial that UCSF has accurate information about our ULT freezers that includes the number, location and disaster-readiness of each unit. To that end, Research Operations and Supply Chain Management have contracted with MHS and Associates to perform a thorough inventory of UCSF’s ULT freezer fleet.

To make the inventory process as unobtrusive as possible, in September we will schedule meetings with each laboratory on campus to learn your concerns and to make arrangements for the inventory of your ULT freezers.

We welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact: Dean Shehu, Research Commodities Manager, Strategic Sourcing, UCSF Supply Chain Management at [email protected] or (415) 502-2500.