Update: Physical Distancing and Return to Full Lab Research Capacity

June 17, 2021

Dear Research Community:

On behalf of the Office of Research, I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, changes in state regulations have removed the COVID-19 public health requirement for maintaining 6-foot physical distancing in the workplace. Physical distancing will no longer be necessary for employees and learners working in UCSF research laboratories, clinical research units, and other on-site research facilities, allowing all research activities to return to pre-pandemic levels.

The new state regulations also include revised policies for masking in some workplaces. UCSF is reviewing its indoor masking policy and will be making revisions to that guidance as soon as next week. Until that time, masks are still required indoors in all facilities.

More than 90 percent of UCSF employees in our campus research buildings are fully vaccinated. We anticipate that the vast majority of UCSF onsite workers will soon be fully vaccinated. With this high rate of vaccination, combined with major improvements in local pandemic metrics, the infection risk in our research facilities is extremely low. We therefore believe that the time has come to bring all UCSF laboratory and clinical research operations back to full capacity.

We greatly appreciate your commitment to safely conducting research activities during the pandemic, so that we can ensure our ability to fulfill our mission and protect the health and well-being of the UCSF community and the general public.



Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Dr. Robert B. and Mrs. Ellinor Aird Professor of Neurology