February 2024 Updates

Accepting Applications: Office of Research Community-Building Small Grants  

The VCR Office is excited to announce the second call for proposals for the Office of Research’s Research Community-Building Small Grants Program. This program provides one-time funds of up to $10k for activities that build engagement and collaboration to support equity and belonging for the UCSF research community. Read more information and email [email protected] with questions. Deadline: February 29.  

Clinical Trial Excellence Campaign (CTEC) Update  

A key metric of CTEC performance will measure the time from first submission of a trial protocol into a UCSF system (IRB or OCTA) to contract execution. The campaign aims to achieve an institutional median of 90 days for this metric. Stay up to date on CTEC elements, tools and offerings on the campaign page. 

Research for Antiracism Consultation Service 

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism (IDEA), in partnership with the Office of Diversity and Outreach and the Clinical & Translational Science Institute Research Action Group on Equity (RAGE) is launching a new consultation service, Research for Antiracism Consultation & Education (RACE). Get free support in theory, methodologies, and methods to advance your antiracist research by contacting Dr. Jennifer James ([email protected]) and Jeff Nicklas ([email protected]).

New Research Participant Demographic Dashboards 

The Office of the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (AVCR-IDEA), CTSI Research Action Group for Equity (RAGE) and CTSI Research Technology (RT) program, have collaborated to create a set of dashboards to show key demographic information about people recruited to NIH-sponsored clinical trials run by UCSF. Data come from UCSF enrollment reports submitted to the NIH ASSIST system for the years 2016-2023. For more information, please visit the Recruitment Dashboards. See tabs at the top of your screen for different views of the information.  

NIH Enforcement of Unilateral Closeout Reporting in the System of Award Management Responsibility/Qualification 

NIH will report awards that were unilaterally closed-out since January 1, 2023, as a Responsibility/Qualification (formerly FAPIIS) in SAM.gov. Timely submission of final reports (e.g., F-RPPR, Invention Statement, etc.) will keep the university’s performance record in good standing. Read more here

CTSI Open Houses Engage UCSF’s Clinical Research Community 

CTSI recently hosted Open Houses at ZSFG and the SFVAMC for information sharing and discussion about CTSI services, programs, and resources that support the UCSF research community.  The CTSI team was excited to hear the feedback and input from colleagues at these sites to ensure our programs meet the needs of our research communities.  In case you missed it, session presentations and photos from the events are available here. Stayed tuned for more info on upcoming CTSI Open House sessions! 

CTSI Celebrates! 

CTSI has launched a new initiative called CTSI Celebrates where we amplify recognition months sponsored by UCSF’s Office of Diversity and Outreach, with a research lens.  Our first event was in October when we celebrated Latinx Heritage Month by hosting a panel discussion about Latinx Health Research.  Stay tuned for our February celebration of Black History Month, when CTSI Director Vanessa Jacoby will engage in conversation with a variety of members of our research community to celebrate their amazing contributions. Visit the CTSI website for recordings of CTSI Celebrates events.  

New Clinical Trials Features Highlight UCSF Dedication to Equity in Research 

CTSI’s Research Technology (RT) team, in conjunction with the CTSI Research Action Group for Equity (RAGE), launched new features  the UCSF Clinical Trials website, which includes more information about UCSF's dedication to equity in research, and logic to build specialized pages for trials that are specifically recruiting historically underrepresented populations. While these pages may facilitate some recruitment, they're primarily designed to let people know that UCSF is welcome to all. 

ICYMI: UCSF Profiles Banners Highlight Affinity Months 

Be sure to check out UCSF Profiles when you get a chance! There is a new-ish banner at the top of the page that highlights UCSF researchers who self-identify as a member of an affinity month celebration. For example, this month the banner highlights Black researchers in celebration of Black History Month, and in March the banner will highlight researchers who identify as women in honor of Women’s History Month.