Administrative Units

  • Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)
    We help researchers build collaborative research teams, pursue funding opportunities, deliver effective proposals, & administer awards.
  • Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC) 
    We provide quality care for all animals used at UCSF, assist researchers in their mission of quality research, act as a resource center for researchers on all issues related to laboratory animals, and assist UCSF to meet its goal of humane treatment of laboratory animals. 
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)
    We provide guidance and services to the UCSF community that promote health, safety and environmental stewardship.  
  • Research Development Office (RDO)
    We serve at the nexus of research and research administration to promote, support, strengthen, and grow the UCSF research enterprise. 
  • Research Resource Program (RRP)
    We provide strategic planning and implementation of programs to support core facilities and other research resources.