Administrative Units

  • Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
    The Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) facilitates clinical and translational research to improve patient and community health;  we do this by providing infrastructure, services and training to enable research to be conducted more efficiently, effectively and in new ways.   
  • CoLabs 
    CoLabs is a new model for research collaborations and core labs for the UCSF community. CoLabs brings together several established and successful but previously separate cores into a new centralized research organization at the Parnassus campus.
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)
    We provide guidance and services to the UCSF community that promote health, safety and environmental stewardship.  
  • Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) 
    The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) reviews and monitors research involving human subjects at UCSF and several affiliate institutions to ensure the ethical and equitable treatment of the research subjects.
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Program (IACUP)
    UCSF – Institutional Animal Care Use Committee is “Advancing Health Worldwide” by promoting humane care and use of animal subjects in research.  The IACUC oversees all UCSF research and instruction that involves vertebrate animals, in order to ensure that the highest ethical and animal welfare standards are met through all applicable federal, state, and University laws and regulations.
  • Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC) 
    We provide quality care for all animals used at UCSF, assist researchers in their mission of quality research, act as a resource center for researchers on all issues related to laboratory animals, and assist UCSF to meet its goal of humane treatment of laboratory animals. 
  • Office of Clinical Research (OCR)
    OCR synergizes clinical trials operations between Campus and UCSF Health, supporting the research needs of clinical trial investigators and staff by providing key study start-up services, including: coverage analysis, OnCore calendar builds, and budget support. OCR also supports clinical research billing, OnCore system and user support, and training for clinical research coordinators.
  • Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)
    We help researchers build collaborative research teams, pursue funding opportunities, deliver effective proposals, & administer awards.
  • Research Development Office (RDO)
    We serve at the nexus of research and research administration to promote, support, strengthen, and grow the UCSF research enterprise. 
  • Research Resource Program (RRP)
    We provide strategic planning and implementation of programs to support core facilities and other research resources.