Executive Leadership Team

Harold Collard, MD

  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Clinical Research
  • Director, CTSI
  • Medicine

[email protected]

David Morgan, PhD

Vice Dean for Research

[email protected]

Brian Smith

  • Senior Associate Vice Chancellor - Research

[email protected]

Winona Ward

  • Assistant Vice Chancellor - Research
  • Interim Director, Office of Clinical Trials Activation

Unit / Program Managers

Douglas Dresnek

  • Executive Director, Office of Environment, Health & Safety

[email protected]

MC Gaisbauer

Business and Intergration Mngr

Gretchen Kiser, PhD

  • Executive Director
  • Research Development Office

[email protected]

Edward Kuczynski

  • Director, Human Research Protection Program

[email protected]

Michael Lee

  • Executive Director, Research Resource Program

[email protected]

Payam Nahid, MD, MPH

  • Associate Director, Clinical Trials Operations

[email protected]

Joe Novotny

  • Director, International Research Support Operations

[email protected]


  • Director, Institutional Animal Care & Use Program

[email protected]

James Wilkerson, DVM

  • Director, Laboratory Animal Resource Center