Joe Novotny

Director, International Research Support Operations
Vice Chanc Research
+1 415 476-5918

Joe Novotny

Joe is the Director of International Research Support Operations (IRSO), a unit launched in 2019 to support UCSF faculty and staff implementing research projects abroad in foreign countries. The goal of the IRSO office is to provide effective and efficient operational support and expert advice to faculty and program leaders who are either considering international work or are already engaging in international research.

Previously, Joe worked for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) supporting malaria elimination initiatives globally. Joe’s work primarily focused on increasing access to quality healthcare in poor and underserved communities while improving national disease surveillance and logistics systems to help countries achieve their public health goals. He has on the ground experience supporting government health system strengthening in Southern Africa in Southeast Asia. Joe earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Santa Clara University, followed by a Masters of Public Health from Boston University.


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