Winona Ward

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Research
Interim Director, Office of Clinical Trials Activation

Winona Ward is a Certified Research Administrator (CRA) with over twenty-five years of experience in sponsored project administration, including pre-award service management, award negotiation, government and industry contracting, clinical trials administration, policy and procedure development, training and research compliance.  She holds a Master in Research Administration (MRA), and is an expert in the management of sponsored research conducted nationally, and globally.

As Assistant Vice Chancellor, Ms. Ward oversees the UCSF Office of Sponsored Research, which includes Research Management Services, Government and Business Contracts, Industry Contracts Division, and Subawards.  She also is responsible for the Office of Clinical Trial Activation (OCTA), including Calendar Build, Coverage Analysis, and Budgeting for clinical trials, as well as the UCSF Clinical Trial Management System: OnCore.


Throughout her career, Ms. Ward has served on appointed committees charged with recommending and implementing administrative changes in support of the research enterprise.  She is charged with facilitating research by minimizing administrative burden, while maintaining compliance with institutional policies, and federal and state regulations.  She works with faculty and administration to advance UCSF’s goals, as they relate to externally funded research. 


Completed Research Support

NCURA Research Program (Gaisbauer MC, Ward W, Lopez G) 06/01/17-04/31/18

Global Mentoring Program for Research Administrators

The grant proposed to design and pilot a mentoring program for international research administrators that pairs the internationally based mentee with a more Senior US based mentor. The purpose of the pilot would be to determine that international mentoring program is sustainable and derives the anticipated level of benefits to both the participating individuals and their employing institutions. 

Role: Co-PI


Program for Higher Ed/Industrial Institute, Abu Dhabi UAE  (Ward W, Duran R, Valsaraj K.T., Smith J.A., Rood J, Slocum J)  03/01/14-03/01/16

Development of a Model Research Operation and Administration (ROAd)

The ROAd Project proposed to launch a fully functional research office within an Integrated Higher Ed/Industrial Institute, run by a major multinational company.  The project included conducting a thorough needs assessment, recommending an administrative plan, and guidelines and policies for research proposals, and assisting in recruitment, onboarding and training of key staff.

Role: PI


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ward, W. & Strong, C. (2016). Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research: Disclosure, Evaluation and Management. Research Management Review. Volume 21, No.1.


Refereed Presentations

Pane, M.T., & Ward W. (2018, March). The Evolving Landscape: The Pressures and Risk Associated with Supporting Innovation from Non-Traditional Sources. Concurrent Session. National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Pre-Award Research Administration Conference, Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Valsaraj, K.T., Duran, R., Ward W., Smith, J.A., Ashwell, B. (May, 2017). The Research Operations and Administration (ROAd) Project: Launching an Integrated Higher Ed/Industrial Research Office in Abu Dhabi. Concurrent Session. Society of Research Administrators (SRA) Conference, Reykjavic, Iceland.

Smith, J. A. & Ward W. (2015, May). Creating Strategic Partnerships. National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Region III Conference, Isle of Palm, SC.

Smith, J. A. & Ward W. (2015, May). Integrating Research Administration into the University’s Research Culture. Discussion Group. National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Region III Conference, Isle of Palm, SC.