Associate Vice Chancellor, Research – IDEA


The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism (AVCR-IDEA) was created as a priority recommendation among the 164 made by the UCSF Task Force on Equity and Anti-Racism in Research. The Office is charged with strategizing and coordinating institutional activities to achieve inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism (and more broadly, anti-oppression) in the UCSF research enterprise. The principles of the AVCR-IDEA Office are captured as "AEIOU," Accountability, Engagement, Individual-centered institutional change, Opportunities, and Unity.

As part of the UCSF Office of Research with additional support from the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach, we aim to make immediate progress and create lasting institutional change. However, we acknowledge that the pace of short-term adjustments may not satisfy everyone, and the scope of long-term transformation may seem daunting to some.

Embracing the ethos of partnership, we invite engagement, acknowledge tension, and understand the discomfort inherent in this journey. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a culture at UCSF where research practices and benefits are equitably accessible and experienced by all stakeholders.


The work of the AVCR-IDEA Office focuses on four areas:

•    Increasing accountability 
•    Promoting and supporting UCSF's anti-racism scholarship 
•    Diversifying the UCSF research workforce 
•    Promoting and supporting community-engaged research 

Our Approach

  • To synergize: Connecting effective projects that have overlap.
  • To amplify: Identifying effective activities and scaling them.
  • To bust siloes and build collaboration: Working with different parts of the UCSF campus and schools, UCSF Health, and communities to solve complex problems.
  • To sustain: Helping to identify resources to maintain effective projects.
  • To initiate: Creating new pilot projects to address gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We measure the progress of our work by assessing our effectiveness in catalyzing structural changes, developing partnerships to develop strategies and projects for change, and implementing programs and services to address specific barriers and promote specific strengths.


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Contact Us and Get Involved

We welcome your engagement in the endeavor to make the UCSF research enterprise inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible, and anti-oppressive. Send an e-mail to [email protected] to sign up for our listserv as well as send us feedback.