Douglas Dresnek

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Environment, Health & Safety
+1 415 502-8653

Doug Dresnek is currently serving as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) at UCSF. Doug has worked as a researcher in both academia and industry, including UCSF and LBNL. He has also worked as an environmental safety officer at Massachusetts General Hospital, as an industrial hygienist at both UCSF and the San Francisco VA Health Care System, and as a facilities project manager at the SFVA. While working as an industrial hygienist, he established a strong reputation for collaborative and effective approaches to evaluating and controlling workplace safety and health risks. Doug is a Certified Healthcare Safety Specialist (CHSP) whose EH&S career has had a particular focus on safety in the clinical environment. His previous role as Assistant Director oversaw several important campus safety programs including industrial hygiene, asbestos management, respiratory protection, chemical safety, and close coordination and oversight of the support EH&S provides to our colleagues in UCSF Health.

Doug's education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz, and a Master's Degree in Global Studies and International Affairs from Northeastern University.  

In addition to his civilian career, Doug has over 17 years of experience serving in the US Coast Guard, where he has led dedicated teams in response to numerous domestic contingencies as well as multiple deployments overseas.

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